T.C – Unit currently is enjoying a considerable level of goodwill and contact with experienced consultants in community-based programs who are willing to provide technical support in workshop curriculum design and project implementation. We are in partnership with community development partners in Nigeria. Our contact with international NGO’s and donor agencies on partnering for improved service delivery is at an appreciable level. We also demonstrate the aptitude and ability to have access to professional development consultants who are competent in various issues affecting the Niger Delta geo-political region in particular and Nigeria in general.

As Synergy through partnership is our prime corporate focus, we are also part of a national network of NGOs in Nigeria called Civil Society Development Watch Initiative (DWI) with the funding of the Nigerian Government and UNDP Nigeria to monitor and evaluate the process in governance. Total Care Unit currently holds the position of Executive State Secretary in the Rivers State chapter which comprises of 40 organizations and is co-funded by Rivers State government and UNDP Nigeria. The state chapter is also linked to other state chapters through a national umbrella.

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